As a leading port operator, the Group is committed to integrating principles of sustainable development into our daily operations, shouldering our corporate social responsibility while improving port service capabilities. We strive to accelerate the construction of green port, create a safe working environment with no hazards, and invest in our community for the benefits of all.

Our sustainable development centres on the following five key areas:

People Oriented

We adhere to the philosophy of "safety is life", pursue green and safe production and lifestyle, focus on enhancing the well-being of employees, and serve community needs for the better living of all. Driven by the perpetual quest for excellence, we arouse the vitality and creativity of employees, and help their dreams come true by establishing self-esteem through hard work.

Quality first

We are committed to quality development and pursuing the leading position of services and product quality on an ongoing basis. Adhering to the philosophy of "quality drives results," "efficiency brews products" and "spot is market," we promote the spirit of craftsmanship, attach great significance to brand building, and utilise innovation as the source of power for quality development, aiming to achieve balanced development of quality, efficiency and scale.

Customer Respected

We adhere to the customer-oriented approach by taking customer needs as the starting point of all the work, customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal, and services as the foundation of our development. We strive to deliver the highest possible value to our customers and stakeholders.

Environmental Commitment

We are committed to building a clean and low-carbon green port with advanced technologies, which includes expanding the capacity of berths at the Port of Tianjin to supply shore-based power to vessels. At the same time, we focus on enhancing pollution prevention and control work in the port area, continuing to assess the risks and opportunities brought by climate change and strengthening the Group’s ability to adapt to and withstand climate change.

Community Care

We uphold the philosophy of “taking from the community and giving back to the community”. We are committed to supporting the development of communities where we operate our businesses and encouraging our employees to organise volunteer services.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Report