• Tianjin Port Group And SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd Signed A Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

    On June 11, 2020, Tianjin Port Group (天津港集團) (the Controlling Shareholder of Tianjin Port Development Holdings Limited, which holds 53.5% equity interest of the Company) and SITC International Holdings Co., LTD (“SITC International Holdings”) (海豐國際控股) jointly signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement of Port and Shipping". The two parties will make use of their respective advantages to better implement the national "Belt and Road" strategy, accelerate the construction of world-class port and the development of innovative, intelligent and green and quality development of port and shipping with an aim to better serve the national strategies, such as Jing-Jin-Ji collaborative development, construction of the Xiong'an New Area, promotion of a strong maritime country and a strong transportation country.

    Yang Shaopeng, Chairman of SITC International Holdings, Yang Xianxiang, CEO of SITC International Holdings, Ding Liguo, Chairman of DELONG Steel Group and Xintiangang Steel Group, Chu Bin, Party Secretary and Chairman of Tianjin Port Group and the Board Chairman of Tianjin Port Development Holdings Limited, Jiao Guangjun, Deputy Party Secretary and President of Tianjin Port Group and the Board Chairman of Tianjin Port Holdings Co., Ltd., Luo Xunjie, Vice President of Tianjin Port Group and Managing Director of Tianjin Port Development Holdings Limited, Xu Xubo, Vice President of Tianjin Port Group attended the signing ceremony.

    SITC International Holdings is a leading shipping logistics company in Asia. Its business includes container liner shipping, freight forwarding, customs broker, ship management, etc., which spans over 69 major ports in 13 countries and regions such as China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, etc. It ranks at the forefront in the global container shipping enterprises and is an important shipping customer at the Port of Tianjin.

    According to the cooperation framework agreement, the two parties will accelerate the development of routes in Asia, continuously optimise the routes network layout at the Port of Tianjin, expand the capacity and quality of container services, and strengthen the status of the Port of Tianjin as a container hub port. Furthermore, both parties will enrich the port ancillary functions by setting up a full logistics supply chain network system and constructing a container land service platform. The two parties will utilise their respective advantages in the port and shipping areas to promote the development of sea-rail intermodal transport.

    Both parties agree to work jointly to strengthen port and shipping cooperation, complement each other’s advantages, aim for mutual benefit and development so as to accelerate the development of container shipping at the Port of Tianjin, promote the Port of Tianjin to be a world-class green, intelligent hub port, elevate container logistics business of SITC International Holdings to transform into an intelligent logistics enterprise, and enhance the quality development of port and shipping enterprises. All of these measures can provide important support to China’s economic development and the global industrial and supply chain stability and better serve the national strategies by providing port and shipping solutions and collaborative port and shipping cooperation model.